First impressions are lasting. Trends come and go and depending on their strength or endurance, they may last for decades of just 5 minutes.

Take for example, polyester suits, wide brim hats, members’ only jackets and sagging pants. Well, unfortunately, some trends try to hang on longer than others or even sneak back from time to time. There is nothing wrong with being a trendsetter; you just need to know when to back away and move on.

Community Leadership, as a goal to achieve, is a noble calling and means more than just knowing how to sit in a group of likeminded individuals to discuss shared views. It also involves having a historical and working connection to the community, you wish to represent. Because most communities are comprised of individuals from various backgrounds and social, environments your starting point must be on point! In seeking opportunities to learn how to develop Community Leadership, remember, perception is reality. I am sharing my views with you below so that you might get a glimpse of what is important to me as you decide to support my re-election effort.

Public Safety


Due to a focused and supportive City Council, Maricopa has raised its’ Public Safety profile to a national level and is viewed as model city in Pinal County. Once again, recognized as one of the Safest City in Arizona, I am extremely proud to be a part of this Council/Public Safety team and would be honored to continue serving on your behalf.

As a retired Air Force MSgt, I completely understand why and how men and women run into burning buildings or towards gunfire. This experience makes it easy for me to support our fellow neighbors that do so every day. They too are committed to our community, which they have sworn to protect and serve. As I have shared before, consequently, if I bring any bias to my City Council seat, it is in my commitment to continue to properly equip and support our first responders. Of course fiscal responsibility is paramount in any organization, but not at the sake of public safety. Just as I do not support budgets filled with non-essential fluff, I have also proven that I will not allow our first responders to be in a life or death situation security without the proper equipment needed to protect themselves and the community we serve. In these times of significant threats to our schools, churches and recreational venues, it is incumbent on civic leaders to stay abreast of current operations and equipment to ensure community safety. I will continue to be that vigilant leader.

Economic Development

Since elected to my first term, I have been directly involved in the positive economic development projects completed in the city. Most notably, the 347 Overpass, Denny’s restaurant and the Edison Point development. While we, as a council, have created many improvement opportunities, there is still work to do. I will continue to support my fellow Councilmembers, with whom I have developed a level of trust and respect to expand our economic footprint even further.  Maricopa is in a growth mode and having a steady hand on the economic switches is paramount to help the city prosper. Citizens choose Maricopa as their home because it has a small town feel but offers a bright future. Supported by dedicated staff, my goal is to continue to use our strategic plan, with laser focus, as a living operational document to meet specific planning year objectives and activities. To continue working towards the removal of any economic or environmental impediments to our city’s growth, provide a corporate and entrepreneurial business friendly environment. Maricopa is poised to take full advantage of immediate and long-range growth opportunities and is on a positive path for the next and future decades to come.


Historically, Maricopa has been a major connecting hub for other parts of the region, state and nation and it is no secret that the city has experienced transportation challenges since inception. An inadequate 4-lane North/South highway access, State Route 347 and an even more challenging 2-lane highway, Casa Grande/Maricopa Highway adds anxiety and hazardous road conditions.  Consequently, growth and sustainability have suffered. Emergency services are impeded and the flow of goods makes commerce less accessible and more costly.  I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for local, regional, state and federal transportation projects, which furthers Maricopa’s transportation leadership role throughout the region. I will remain vigilant to ensure that recent and future transportation goals are met and to ensure the 347 grade separation remains on track for completion as scheduled and that the I-11 corridor moves pass study onto implementation with direct benefit to our city. The current administration has done a credible job of keeping our transportation needs at the top of county, state and national agendas; together our continued vigilance should keep that focus clear.

Education Champion

As the council’s liaison to the Maricopa Unified School District, and three-year member of the budget committee, I have developed a transparent partnership with MUSD#20 along with Community Charter and Private school administrations to invest time and resources in quality preschool programs, comprehensive curriculum and rigorous after-school programs. Therefore encouraging development of responsible and creative academic programs at all levels. I will continue to tout our new Central Arizona Community College facility and its’ connectivity with other outstanding statewide schools and universities. The benefit of personal engagement with our education community helps me have firsthand knowledge of systems available to businesses looking to relocate existing or start-up enterprises. Our current highly educated employee pool is uniquely qualified to support any potential employment partners or industries.  The ultimate goal is to produce a solid workforce foundation thereby supporting community economic development opportunities.

Our Future – Youth Support

Our city is very proactive in incorporating Maricopa youth into the council and community public safety volunteer systems. Because all Maricopa youth need encouragement and advocacy, I will continue to work with my fellow council members to encourage the City to join me to offer opportunities for leadership roles and to reach out to the less fortunate showing them support in any positive manner available to us.


The Council must set solid working and ethical standards promoting openness and transparency without ego. Learning never ends and no one knows all things.  Working together with the City Manager and staff is crucial to establish trust, respect and esprit de core. Our community must also believe their voices are heard and respected during the city’s policy development process(s). I have maintained a firm commitment to that principle, which is why I developed the Councilmember on the Corner program. The opportunity to come before citizens to field their questions about issues of concern is the ultimate responsibility bestowed on council. Although I am also a citizen of Maricopa, I am committed to my fellow citizens who have placed me in high esteem to represent their interest and concerns. I do not take for granted that my decisions are made in a vacuum.


There is really no conclusion in a conversation concerning community service. If a community is to succeed, it takes all hands on deck to help move the ship. Being a part of the current City Council has been an absolute pleasure. We have transformed a local government from one embroiled in controversy and animosity to one of mutual respect and support. We must be focused on local issues as governed by legislation and we must put the needs of the community first. However, we must not to return to mean spirited angry politics motivated by fear and intimidation. I will continue to place the highest level of importance on Public Safety, Transportation and Economic Development, which are the foundation of our city’s existence. However, as you know, I place a high premium on Education and will continue to do so.